I feel like I’ve made the wrong decision in life.

Sorey from Tales of Zestiria



Major Art Dump and Update

Hello people!
As what the title says, let’s get on with it~! xD

After 5 months of mind-rotting boredom and slacking-ness, I finally got a job…
As a pharmacist in Hospital Kajang….
It’s kinda near to my home, and yeah, I don’t have to find a house to rent 🙂

I have been working for half a month…
and boy, how I was given both handful and mindful… x.X
My rotted mind couldn’t catch up with the work flow,
and thus, I did a lot of mistakes and i got scolded a lot….

But I did learn a lot too 🙂

Starting early of January, I will be posted in the ICU for one month
am I ready, you ask?
of course not! huahahaha~
… I’ll be alright… .____.

I think that’s all about my work…

Okay what else…. I have cats now… 2 cats to be precise…
Gives me more trouble than purrs and miaows…
My lil’ brother has a phone now….
My spec-less lil’ sister is now wearing specs… (now the whole family is wearing specs)
We have a new oven…
My tablet is breaking down…. ;___;

Okay… I think that’s it~! ^^
Now for some artworks~~

Fanarts (oldest to newest):


Nase Hiroomi from Kyoukai no Kanata


Cryaotic from Youtube

Noiz from Dramatical Murder (DMMD)IMG_20131228_003758

Clear, also from DMMD

aspinAspin from Aspincomic
(Creator: @dux from Instagram and Tumblr)

The artworks below are requests from Deviantart… (cuz I didn’t know what to do back in the boring days… -___-;) (oldest to newest):


request_WierdShizzz emmet request mochi request kim request coto request jeanne

Ups and Downs

Hello there.

The drawings presented below are not linked to the story that I’m about to tell you.

While I’m still waiting for my job application, I took some time to rummage through my old drawings. Oh how I was proud of my old drawings. Looking at them today, I feel like tearing them into bits and then burn them into ashes. I mean, can you stand the inappropriateness of anatomy, the inaccurate-ness of the lighting, the illogical anime-ish proportions, etc. etc. FYI, I still suck in all three.


I have decided to name him Ramone. Ramone Cavanaugh. My OCs: Ramone and Vienna.

However, in all hate and rage, those drawings made me what I am today. Occasionally, I’ll flip through them just to remind myself that I really enjoy drawing. And just flipping through them, I can see how much I’ve improved. Some of them made me giggle by just remembering the back story of that particular drawing.


A fanart of Pewds with Jodie from Beyond Two Souls.

Back in secondary school, I had some friends that are very good in drawing. We would create a character that represents ourselves and interact them in a comic (I don’t have the comic, it’s in possession of my friend). At that time, we were die hard Naruto fans. Oh why did I love that anime? I still remembered my character and my best friend’s character are rivals/enemies. They would ‘fight on site’. LOL.



My OCs: Luke Skye and Alexander Skye. Still haven’t decided on Luke’s outfit.

There are many times that I think that I should stop drawing because I have a very tight schedule and a career that needs constant reading and revising. I shook that idea completely out from my head. What was I thinking? I really love to draw. Drawing is my passion. As busy as I can be, I can spare one or two hours a day to draw and improving it. I have come this far. I will never stop drawing. Peerrghh ayat tak leh blahh~~


A fanart of Nanase Haruka from Free!. A.k.a Haru, Haru-chan, Haru-chan-san. I literally rolled on the floor when Rei called him that. LOL.

A reminder for myself.

I need to change this guy’s name…

… because ‘Errol’ is already taken together with his hairstyle because I was a sucky copycat before



I was thinking about ‘Rick’, ‘Romero’, ‘Richardo’… ‘Enrique’ maybe…? *grins*

Something about this guy: Born as a noble. Practices the fine art of Boxing. A successful entrepreneur. A childhood friend of Alex and Luke when they are still wee tiny. The main funder of the town’s guild. ‘Likes’ women. A bit of a flirty type. But is only faithful to a very special woman.

The more I color him, the worse-er he became. To be continued…

Practice! Practice!! PRACTICE!!!

My Progress So Far…

… is okay, I guess…

I’m just gonna put them here… -___-


PDP IMG_20130911_000004Description:

Picture no. 1: A lazy cell shaded Cry with a cat on his lap
Picture no. 2: Scardy Pewds playing Outlast
Picture no. 3: Eren Jaeger in semi-realism that I took so much time to colour and got tired to finish it

Good Night Peeps~

Kyrus and Chestnut


His name is Kyrus. Eighteen year old guy who was born to be ‘the chosen one’ and a victim of the strong superstitious belief of the village to protect the forest after Giroro. And thus, Kyrus was taken away from his parents when he was very little to live with Giroro to learn ‘the way of the forest’. However, to Giroro’s surprise, Kyrus was near to impossible to teach.

Her name is Chestnut because her hair is so. A sixteen year old girl who lives, breathe and sleeps with books. Too obsessed with books, she ends up to be an honor student of the school. Her favorite spot is non other than the library.

Chestnut’s mother is a librarian and a writer of a famous novel. She is also a very good currypuff cook. These particular currypuffs has made Kyrus addicted to it.

One day, Chestnut discovered a very ancient book in her school’s library. However, the contents are in riddles that made her difficult to understand it. As she tries to ‘decode’ one riddle, she ends up in a cave that Kyrus is supposed to be protecting. Kyrus stopped Chestnut from releasing a demonic (?) seal.  However, after that, weird stuff happened.

The book has a very close link to Kyrus and the previous Protecters.

I should stop here. Heheh.

I hope this helps.